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Стойка за кола за HTC CU G100

Цена: 34.99лв.
Допълнителна информация

Оригинален комплект за кола HTC CU-G100.
В комплекта се включва 12-24V зарядно, стойка за кола и удължител.
Подходящ за всички HTC смартфони / PDA с дисплей до 2.8 инча.

Производител HTC
Гаранция 6 месеца

Съвместима със следните модели:

  • HTC/Qtek G1 (Dream/Kila), Smart, Sapphire/Pioneer, Touch (P3450/P3451) (Elfin), XDA Nova (Elfin), MDA Touch (Epoch), Touch Max 4G, Touch Dual (P5500) (Nike), XDA Star (Nike), MDA Touch Plus (Nike), Touch Cruise (P3650) (Polaris), Touch Find (Apex), XDA Guide, XDA Orbit 2 (Apex), Touch Diamond, Xda Diamond/Xda Ignito, MDA compact IV (Victor), Touch Pro (Raphael), Xda Diamond Pro/Xda Serra (Raphael), MDA Vario IV (Hermann), Touch Viva (Opal), Touch 3G (Jade), Touch HD (Blackstone), TyTN II (P4550/P4551) (Kaiser), XDA Stellar (Kaiser), MDA Vario III (Kaiser), VPA compact V / v1615 (Kaiser), P4350/P4351 (Herald), XDA Terra (Herald), P3600 (Trinity), SPV M700 (Trinity), P3470 (Pharos), P3300 (Artemis), P3301 (Cruiser), XDA Orbit (Cruiser), SPV M650 (Artemis), MDA Compact III (Hero), P3350 (Love), TyTN (P4500) (Mercury), XDA Trion (Hermes), SPV M3100 (Hermes), MDA Vario II (Hermes), VPA Compact 3 / v1605 (Mercury), Qtek 9100 (Prodigy), XDA mini S (Prodigy), SPV M3000 (Prodigy), MDA Vario (Wizard), VPA Compact II (Wizard), S740/S741 (Rose), S730 (Volans), XDA Atmos (Volans), S710/S711 (Vox), SPV E650 (Vox), VDA IV / V1415 (Vox), MTeoR (Breeze), S310 (Oxygen), SPV C100 (Oxygen), Magic G2, Touch Diamond2, Snap, Hero, Touch Pro2, Tattoo, HD mini, Touch2.



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